Booking | Big Will




Artist: Big Will

Venue: Le Loft (The Loft)

Location: Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Genre(s): Dancehall / Hip-Hop

Marketing: Geo-targeted online marketing for the venue of Le Loft and targeted fan promotion in surrounding areas around Big Will’s fan base and new fans. Our marketing team will promote the venue and event within the 10 – 20 mile radius.

Statistics on geo targets:
Facebook: 200K + (Verified Page) (
YouTube: over 2 million views (Verified Page) (
E-mail subscription: 32K USA

Regulations: We require that our team will be responsible for creating, marketing and distributing our own flyers and promotional methods to produce the best results for the event. Any flyers or promotional items created by the venue can be used as well, but we like to create our own to get the best results as well.

Set: We require a strict sound check at least 2 hours before the OPENING OF THE VENUE (NOT THE PERFORMANCE). Required for Big Will’s performance is two (2) stage mics and the general sound system to properly perform the bare minimal sets.

Mission: To perform some of Big Will’s best pop singles. Links to the official music videos are below.

Big Will – Get You Back (NO VIDEO AVAILABLE, RELEASES MAY, 2015)
Big Will – Anything You Like (Video:
Big Will – I Can Tell (Video:
Big Will – Hello Kitty (Video:

Performance length:
10 minutes – 30 minutes depending on how long you would like it to go on for. Some venues like it short, certain ones want a full 30 minute set. Any sets performed over 30 minutes must be discussed with the artist / management.

Addionals (Optional / Non – Requirements):
As an addition, we can get Rude Boy Clothing and Rude Boy Magazine involved with swag and merchandise give aways to infuse the event, this will bring much more interaction from the guests to the party.Projected Rate: 4,500 USD

Please note for this particular even at Le Loft, we will include the airfare, hotels and all accommodations so you don’t have to worry about booking anything for us. Our management will be taking care of everything at no extra cost. The total rate will include everything. The pricing is lowered due to the venue and the relationship for Le Left.

Contacts (For this particular event only):

Big Will
P: 917.728.9801

Alfred Wan
P: 408.206.0925